I want to say thank you very, very much Malcolm. It’s mind-blowing seeing someone at your level (of game), I thought i’d never get to see it in real life. But you’re in the flesh and in Singapore and someone I can look up to in terms of modeling towards the standard I want to be


Oh wow he helped me a great deal, he will push you very hard that’s one thing I loved. I thought that i’m already putting in a lot of effort (in game), that i’m decent, i’m good enough already. But after I went for Bootcamp it’s a big bruise to my ego, to know that I have so much more to learn, so much more I didn’t notice


These guys (the team) are very encouraging, at first they had to push me a lot. But after awhile I found the drive to do it by myself out of a desire for self-improvement. It’s physically and mentally very tiring and you have to be prepared to get out of your comfort-zone, it’s gonna drive you out of your comfort-zone and push boundaries that you never pushed before!


Seeing everyone emerge out of the Immersion Programme a whole new man, that confidence, that radiance is what it’s all about. It feels like a mini-family where everyone looks out for each other and see the progress made together. We just conquered that last weekend, fucking insane..


I’ve seen how much i’ve grown in a few hours, a few days, definitely there will be more guys who would want to come out of their comfort-zone, I would definitely recommend the Immersion Programme. You guys fine-tune everything that works for everyone, I really loved that


The structure, it really works, it gets everything done properly, it’s a good blueprint which open more doors for me, now there is no fear when talking to girls


When Malcolm is beside me and tells me to go for it, I feel the confidence and I keep pushing myself. Now i’m able to express myself and build on my potential self instead of trying to act in a certain way to impress the girl, so i’m just gonna be myself, be authentic rather than be someone else just to make the girl feel good


I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars in the realm of dating itself but I don’t see the results or progression which I told Malcolm, I’m very dissapointed to the point I wanted to commit suicide. In the past (before Immersion Programme) I did not believe I can do cold approaches, I tried all the methods taught by top “coaches” and “pick up artists” but it didn’t apply in Singapore and I gave up after rejection and failures but Malcolm’s technique really proved me wrong. It’s really great that I joined onboard with Malcolm because I wanted to give up entirely, when I see my progression (on the Immersion Programme) it serves as a reminder never to give up


The Immersion Programme really boosts your confidence and how you’re able to project yourself, talk to people and approach girls. Yes, I’d definitely recommend the Programme, basically you’re already getting all your moneys worth through the first day itself! If you really want to learn a skill that is useful and can really be used in many different ways you will come and learn this

Xuan Xin

I honestly think it’s money well spent. Malcolm and all the trainers are good but you must carry out your own part as well, it takes two hands to clap. It’s not like other programmes out there where you pay your money and then you don’t get results and that’s it


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