About Us

Social Skydiving Academy was founded in 2015 out of sheer passion and dedication for empowering Singaporean men to attain success in their romantic and social lives. We are a stark contrast to the landscape of ‘dating coaches’, above all, we’re an academy of self-development and personal growth. We noticed in the industry a huge lack of ethics, a lack of integrity, a lack of professionalism, and above all, a fundamental lack of understanding the way social dynamics and human connections work. We love and respect women, hence we demand that our clients do the same and expect nothing less. We help gentlemen of integrity who want to meet amazing women, if you are looking for deceptive tricks to manipulate women, look elsewhere.

What is our mission?

The mission of Social Skydiving Academy is to empower Singaporean men with dating and relationship strategies to find greater happiness and fulfillment in life. We equip them with a proven system for achieving success in their social, dating, and love lives, and deliver a total solution for success in relationships and lifestyle.

Social Skydiving HQ:

The MacDonald House

Address: 40A Orchard Road, The MacDonald House, S238838

The MacDonald House is a historic building and monument. Built in 1949 of Neo-Georgian style and clad in bright red brickworks, it is gazetted as the National Monument of Singapore.

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