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Social Skydiving Academy is Singapore’s top dating coach and personal development academy. We utilise self-developmental strategies and psychology to help Singaporean men succeed in the dating realm. We impart them with the principles to express themselves honestly and authentically. We condemn deception, manipulation or misogyny in all forms. 

“Social Skydiving” is the idea of placing yourself in unique and challenging social situations in order to improve your communication skills, social skills and confidence. As a dating and personal development academy, we strongly believe in pushing our students out of their comfort zone. We help them take life by the reins and build their identity  — success with women is simply a consequence. 

Hundreds of businessmen, students, entrepreneurs and Singaporean men have improved their romantic and social lives with our courses

Over the past 7 years, hundreds of Singaporean men have depended on us to change their lives in powerful and significant ways. That’s a tremendous responsibility we are thankful for and do not take for granted. We advocate for personal growth and development. Having dedicated our lives to helping men meet and date the women of their dreams with our live programmes, workshops, masterclasses, courses and bootcamps.

We’ve worked hard to create a business we’d want to trust our dating lives with. We hope you will too.
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Taking actionable steps towards meeting and dating the women of your dreams takes courage and release of the ego. Chances are you’re too busy to put in time to find the right woman and would benefit greatly by working with a dating coach. Social Skydiving is an all-encompassing academy specializing in coaching Singaporean men to cultivate genuine connections with women.


The powerful change Social Skydiving brings in your life can be scary. It’s easy to procrastinate on your dreams; to tell yourself everything will magically fall into place someday and the one will appear. Here’s the brutal truth, until you take massive action, absolutely nothing will change. Reading books and advice from articles on the internet can help at the start of your journey. But without putting theory into practice with the guidance of an experienced coach, you’ll find yourself back at square one. Reading about something and implementing it in real life effectively are two completely different things. We are all about tangible, observable results that can be measured.


Our mission is to empower Singaporean men with the communication skills, social skills, emotional intelligence, and dating strategies to find greater happiness and fulfillment in life.

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Old Me
(Before I started my personal development journey back in 2010)

Hello, my name is Malcolm. Relationship and Dating Coach here at Social Skydiving which I founded in 2015. I started my journey of personal development as an extremely shy person back in 2010. In fact, I was a nerd who suffered from clinically diagnosed social anxiety, skinny with negative body image issues, had zero confidence in myself and non-existent self-esteem to boot. It was a dark and troubling time in my life. The isolation I experienced from not knowing how to interact with people caused me to linger in a depressive state for years. As a result, I used computer game addiction as a coping mechanism.

Then something happened, I got tired of being a loser and feeling lonely all the time. I realised I could continue to wallow in self-pity for the rest of my life OR take massive, determined action. Thus I made the decision to learn how to be a confident and social man to get a girlfriend in my life. I was so desperate to find one true thing that really works that I ended up emptying my entire savings as a student working part-time. Purchasing pretty much every product on the topic of dating and engaging the mentorship of multiple dating coach and relationship consultant.

However, after I consumed this mass of knowledge, I was disappointed to realise I could not find this “one true thing” that actually works. Although I did get some benefit from all this knowledge, many of these teachings advocated for me to pretend to be someone I’m not. Furthermore they used tricks to manipulate others which was morally unethical to me. Ultimately I gained little to no results as many of their teachings are only usable in the Western context. I realised they did not apply in Singapore at all.

That was then I decided to figure it out for myself by turning my life into a giant experiment. I would come up with hypotheses about how social dynamics, interpersonal interactions and attraction works and test them rigorously myself in real life. The start of my journey went horribly wrong, I met with countless failures and painful lessons. I made pretty much every mistake someone could make and had no results to show for. It was a difficult time in my journey, however, the pain and suffering led me to revelations on how to evoke innate change and evolve into the greater version of myself.

As I started to understand the revelations and epiphanies I experienced. My personal and dating life transformed exponentially the more I applied them. After I really figured things out, I could easily form genuine connections with attractive women and managed to lead the life I have always dreamed of.

More than that, I was able to help other men improve their own lives as well. I decided to start teaching others the same way I wished someone would have taught me when I started on my journey. For the past 7 years, I have dedicated my life as a dating coach to help hundreds of Singaporean men. I do this because it is incredibly rewarding and fulfilling for me. 

With the assistance of my elite team of instructors and wing girls. I have been imparting Singaporean men with the tools, strategies, and techniques to accelerate their growth and overcome any obstacles they may encounter on their journey towards improving their romantic and social lives. Rather than provide pieces to a puzzle, I create individualized blueprints to success for my students. 

My specialization is in personal growth, self-development and coaching others to become a confident and charismatic man. The mission of Social Skydiving is to empower Singaporean men with the social skills, emotional intelligence, and dating and relationship strategies to find greater happiness and fulfillment in life.