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Social Skydiving Academy is Singapore’s top dating coach and personal development academy. We utilise self-developmental strategies and psychology to help Singaporean men succeed in the dating realm. We impart them with the principles to express themselves honestly and authentically. We condemn deception, manipulation or misogyny in all forms. 

“Social Skydiving” is the idea of placing yourself in unique and challenging social situations in order to improve your communication skills, social skills and confidence. As a dating and personal development academy, we strongly believe in pushing our students out of their comfort zone. We help them take life by the reins and build their identity  — success with women is simply a consequence. 

Hundreds of businessmen, students, entrepreneurs and Singaporean men have improved their romantic and social lives with our courses

Over the past 7 years, hundreds of Singaporean men have depended on us to change their lives in powerful and significant ways. That’s a tremendous responsibility we are thankful for and do not take for granted. We advocate for personal growth and development. Having dedicated our lives to helping men meet and date the women of their dreams with our online courses, live bootcamps, private coaching and VIP coaching.

We’ve worked hard to create a business we’d want to trust our dating lives with. We hope you will too.
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