Free 45min Private Coaching Session

Free Coaching Session

Swing by our office and Executive Coach Malcolm will personally evaluate your dating life and work with you to create an immediately actionable plan to dramatically improve your dating and sex life. We will discuss your past successes and failures, the current state of your romantic life , what your interactions with women look like, your major sticking points, and what you want to achieve going forward. We will work with you to implement a blueprint for meeting women that you desire and that you can use whenever you want to.

There is no charge for this 45min session and there’s no catch. If you enjoy the conversation and get value from it, you may enquire about our our Immersion Programme: Project Natural, otherwise we will give as much value as we can in 45mins!

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Project Natural: Immersion Programme

BONUS: Weekly Coaching Session x 52times

This course is for you if:

  • You are looking for that breakthrough that will propel your dating life to a higher level
  • You feel held back by limiting beliefs, habits, negative thoughts and bad experiences
  • You want to attain true abundance in female relationships using honesty and authenticity
  • You want to learn how to develop your own confidence and charisma
  • You are ready for a lifestyle redesign and transformation. To change the way you live your life
  • You are looking for proven strategies that work. And are able to be immediately executed

Project Natural is Social Skydiving’s flagship course. An Immersion Programme comprising of two fundamental elements,  in-class seminars and practical in-fields. These elements are structured as a bootcamp over an intense and immersive 3days and 2nights. The reason we created this programme is because we believe if you want to make lasting change, you need to go full immersion.

The in-field portion is where we practice what we preach. Right before your very eyes, our instructor will approach and interact with beautiful and intelligent women with the very same techniques taught on the Immersion Programme. This is so you can see real life demonstrations and replicate it yourself when it’s your turn. We will show you the nuances that cannot be learned in any other way than through direct experience.

The style of each individual is unique. Our job is not to create clones, but to convey your unique personality and identity with our techniques and skills. Project Natural is not about changing who you are, but being able to bring out your best self and attracting the women you desire.


The seminar takes place in the professional, comfortable setting of our conference room. It is the building block of the programme, an intense but informal environment with a small group of students where instructors provide comprehensive training using lectures, demonstrations, infield-footage, text examples and interactive participation. You will learn a comprehensive toolkit that can be employed in a range of social situations to befriend or attract complete strangers. And you won’t be doing it alone – you will have a community of like-minded individuals who are on this journey together.

To help you practice conversing with attractive females using techniques and skills we have covered, Project Natural wing girls will simulate a first date with you during the bootcamp’s module (5) Conversation Techniques. This will be used to gauge your progress and how well you are able to apply what you have learnt. Practice talking to a mirror is one thing, conversing with attractive models and dancers is another.


The twin pillars of infield sessions are demonstration and practice, consisting of Daygame and Nightgame. We start with a briefing and final recap of what has been covered in-class before heading into the field. After the conclusion of the infield session, we head back for a debrief and post-analysis of the in-field session.

The infield sessions are firmly rooted in demonstration. We prove that the art of conversation and building connections can be broken down to a science and studied. You will see us approach beautiful women and demonstrate techniques for your benefit. You will have opportunities to watch and even participate in a group social interactions, then ask specific questions about each interaction afterwards.

Everything from body language to tonality to social intuition can be stripped down to the basics, replicated, and internalized to your own interactions when attracting women. Instructors will observe your interactions over the course of the infield session and give you solid, practical, and usable feedback that you can implement. With continual feedback of what you’re doing wrong on the spot and experienced opinion on the strong points of your natural personality; you’ll know exactly where you are succeeding and failing, and how to progress even further.

You will also be hooked up with hundreds of dollars worth of HD audio recording devices with hidden cameras filming your interactions from multiple angles during your infield practice. This will enable you to see exactly what you’re doing wrong from the 3rd person perspective later on as our instructor does an in-depth analysis and breakdown for you.

A common mindset when some of our students are immediately rejected on approach is that the girl is stuck-up and snobbish, no one could have managed to talk her anyway. Watch our instructors shatter limiting beliefs as they approach the SAME GIRL right after she delivered her brutal rejection and manage to make her laugh and smile before she offers her number eagerly in anticipation of a future rendezvous, right before your very eyes. Demonstrations such as this are crucial, seeing is indeed believing. Once you witness the endless possibilities we offer first-hand, you will be able to model and embody it.

What To Expect

The 3 day 2 night bootcamp is a catalyst to an entire lifestyle change and progressively increases in intensity and your instructor will constantly check in on your progress. You will have access to a personal wing girl whom you can practice conversation techniques taught to you before using them on the beautiful girls you meet.

There will be activities and challenges you have to complete and integrate into your life. You will also be expected to study and revise techniques and skills taught and practice them diligently.

Completing the Immersion Programme is where your journey really begins.. gain access to a lifetime of follow ups and accountability with your instructor who will periodically check in on your progress and ensure you are on the right path to success. Be it a pep-talk before a first date or advice regarding a new girlfriend, your instructor is just a text or call away.

We don’t believe in bragging about our capabilities or bombarding you with sketchy testimonials, we believe in ACTION. We’ll show you what is possible instead of talking about it.

WARNING: The Immersion Programme is physically demanding, mentally exhausting and emotionally draining, we only accept fiercely motivated individuals who wish to change their dating and sex lives with hard work and strong work ethic. There is no magic pill. We provide the tools for a complete lifestyle change, you have to put in the sweat and tears yourself. As slots are limited and highly competitive, we do not accept all applicants. We screen through a consultation process and only accept motivated individuals who meet our criteria.

Why the Immersion Programme is Phenomenal!

Immersion Programme Phenomenal

Combined Expertise of an Elite Team

Simulated Date with Wing Girl